Instructions for Custom Measurement :

  • If any changes required in measurement, then please contact us by mail on customercare@silkmuseumsurat.in within 6 hrs. for ready to ship products. After that it will not be considered, as your order will have been gone into processing as per your given measurement at the time of order.
  • For Larger size: Depend upon the fabric availability, for further clarifications kindly mail us before placing an order.
  • If you has selected the custom measurement than we will stitched as per your body measurement.
  • If there is any change in pattern as per image, than our design team will use their best judgment if some of the patterns are not practical or advisable.
  • Sleeve length depends upon the available fabric and required size also & we will stitch as per our tailoring principle.
  • If any mistake in your given measurement we will contact you within 24 business hour (*For in Stock Product) "if we will receive late reply, it would be unable to dispatch your product on given time."
  • If any minor changes required in your given measurement and pattern, we will stitched as per our tailoring principles only.
  • If neck style shown in the image is not possible, than our tailor will stitch as per our standard popular round neck design. If you has selected bottom churidar than will add 10” extra.
  • Pattern is only for Photo shoot purpose.
  • We might make garments out of given range values on request, so not necessarily each item can be made on those extreme value range, given in each field.
  • Our design team will get back to you for any major issue or some extra cost involvement.
  • How to convert inches to cms : 1 inch = 2.54 cm. i.e. 10 inches = 10 x 2.54 = 25.4cm. & 10 cm equals 3.9 inches.
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Outer margins will be added 2 inches on both inside losing will be added because these are garment size.

Alternate / Other methods of providing measurements

  • To use earlier measurements submitted to us
    We will work on your last order measurement details if the last order of yours fitted you perfectly & need no changes or absolute minor changes in it, then email us on customercare@silkmuseumsurat.in & we will send you back a mail for confirmation.
  • For ready garment measurement
    Add item code and/or order number for reference, to provide us garment measurement, in place of filling this form & do not forget to mention that you are sending us your ready garment measurement & then please email us the details on customercare@silkmuseumsurat.in
  • To send us best fit garment for sample purpose
    If you wish to send us your sample suit/ blouse then send it on the address listed below along with the changes in style & size. Your garment will be safely returned to you along with your order & also we will keep the record of your size & style.
  • Email your measurement instructions
    You can email us your measurements & style instructions on customercare@silkmuseumsurat.in if you are facing any problem in submitting your measurements through the measurement form.
I agree with submitted measurements and read all above mentioned instructions.